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A638…. Red Beck Truck Stop Located on the A638 towards Doncaster.

Initial Information: Guy Travelling FOH engineer for the Syd Lawrence Orchestra. Drivers mail: Just to let you know the Red Beck Cafe is on Doncaster Road between Wakefield and Featherstone. Low Bridge (14ft 3 inches ref: truckers Atlas) is on the A638 from Wakefield just before the A645 turn off to featherstone/Pontefract.

JOHN VOLVO FITTER SAYS: Just to add to above, I go for my breakfast every morning after night shift to this cafe. it has been going for years and is open 24/7 it has lots of parking space, beds showers etc and even a small bar. The ladies are nice too! Drivers that don’t know need to know more about this it really is a gem. The low bridge is on the a638 Doncaster Pontefract side of the cafe but you can get to it from the m62 via a655 from m62 is about 2milles from Wakefield on the right-hand side just before the village of Crofton on the a638 just past Gees Transport. Redbeck also HAD a cafe at Howden off m62 j37 on the a614 (NOW CLOSED) DATED JULY 2011) but i haven’ t been to it for a long time, i will let you know. Thanks for a brill site, off to bed. John, fitter at Volvo truck & bus (ex trucker!).