This a popular, clean and comfortable truckstop just to the south of Glasgow and right by the M74 with good access to the main Anglo-Scottish motorway.
It is a well-appointed truckstop, very clean and with plenty of facilities. It has room for 150 trucks to park overnight.

There are four main breakfasts on offer. The biggest is the ‘Juggernaut’ which gives you three link sausages, two rashers of bacon, fried egg, potato scone, black pudding, haggis, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast and a mug of tea and costs £7.95.
Not far behind it is the ‘Big Trucker’ which comprises two Lorne sausages, two rashers of bacon, fried egg, potato scone, black pudding, beans, tomatoes toast and mug of tea and this will set you back £7.50.
The ‘six wheeler’ is two link sausages, two rashers of bacon, fried egg, toast and comes in at £5.95 while the ‘four wheeler’ is one Lorne sausage, two rashers of bacon, fried egg and toast and costs £5.15.
As is to be expected there are plenty of lighter breakfast options and scrambled egg on toast costs £3.50 while baked beans on toast is £2.50 and poached eggs on toast is priced at £2.95.
There is a good selection of hot filled breakfast rolls and bacon or Lorne or link sausages are £2.30 while fried or scrambled eggs or black pudding or haggis are all £2.10 a pop. A Beefburger in a roll is £3.95.
These are the prices for single decker – but you can have them as double deckers for an extra 60p or if you want them as triple decker then that adds £1.20 to the cost
A bowl for hot porridge is £1.75 while a bowl of cereal is £1.50.

Snack menu
There is a good range of lighter snack-type meals. The Soup of the day with roll and butter – it was leek and potato on the day of our visit – was £3 while potato wedges with garlic dip or breaded garlic mushrooms were both £4.25.
Chicken pakora with sweet chill dip or a prawn cocktail are both priced at £4.75 while cheesy garlic bread with a side salad or coleslaw is £4.20.
You can have either a cold sandwich or a baguette with just one filling for £3.25, while for two fillings it’s £3.55 and three fillings costs £3.80. the filling options are cheese, ham, tuna, egg mayonnaise, chicken, chicken tikka, tomato, onion, lettuce, cucumber and coleslaw. A BLT or Club sandwich will both set you back £5.50.
Again, toasties are available with one, two or three fillings – and are the same price as cold sandwiches but the only filling options are cheese, ham, onion tomatoes or bacon as fillings.
Baked potatoes are also available with one, two or three fillings, priced at £4.50, £4.75 and £4.95 respectively – and three filling options are butter, cheese, tuna, coleslaw, baked beans or bolognaise.
A three-egg omelette is £3.85 for plain while ham, mushroom or cheese are all £4.50 each.
There are five options for children namely, Fish fingers, beefburger/cheeseburger or chicken nuggets – all served with chips and baked beans and all priced at £3.85. Pasta bolognaise or macaroni cheese and chips are both available at £4.50
A bowl of chips is £2.50, chips and gravy are £2.75, cheesy chips are £2.85 as is chips and curry sauce or chips, cheese and beans while chips, cheese and curry sauce is priced at £2.95.

Main meals
The range of main meals is extensive. Chinese chicken curry with rice and chips is £7.25 while steak pie with chips or potatoes and mixed vegetables is £7.95. Battered haddock and chips with peas and tartare sauce is £9.50 and Scotch pie, chips and beans is £5.85.
The popular mince with potatoes – mashed or boiled – and peas or mixed veg is £6.85 while chicken tikka masala with rice, poppadums and naan bread costs £7.95 as does lasagne with chips, coleslaw and salad.
The mixed grill – which comes with steak, gammon, chicken, two link sausages, chips, peas, onion rings, mushrooms fried egg – will set you back £12.95.
Chicken, ham or prawn Marie Rose salads are all £7.50 and an 8oz beefburger, chips and coleslaw are on the menu at £8.25. the simple sausage, egg, chips and beans is £5.85 and a plain omelette with chips peas/salad or beans costs £5.25.
Macaroni cheese, chips and salad is £7.25 and gammon steak, with a fried egg, chips and peas costs £7.95 as does vegetable lasagne, chips and salad. For £8.25 you can order half a roast chicken chips, salad and peas or breaded scampi, chips, peas and tartare sauce.
A 6oz rump steak with chips, peas and onion rings is £9.95 and a mushroom, cheese or ham omelette is £5.75. Finally, the breakfast brunch – three links sausages, two rashers of bacon, fried egg, mushrooms, beans, toast, potato scone and chips are £7.50.
There is also a Specials menu and on the day we visited it was beef stroganoff, rice or chips – or half and half – for £7.25.
Steak days are offered on Friday and Saturday from 1200-1900 – where you can get two steak meals and a drink each for £23.95. there is also a Sunday carvery available from September-May, but Sunday roast beef dinners are served in June-August.

The desserts menu is not that extensive, but the popular apple crumble, with custard or ice cream is £3.65 as is sticky toffee pudding. Ice cream on its own is £2.50 and strawberries with ice cream or cream is priced at £3.50.
The Route 74 truckstop also offers a good range of teas, coffee, soft drinks, slushes, beers, wines and spirits.
The restaurant – which can seat 100 people – is open 0600-2100 Mon- Thursday, 0600-1900 Friday, 0700-1900 Saturday and 0700-2100 Sunday.

There is a truckers’ shop open 24 hours Mondays-Thursday, 0600-2000 on Friday and Saturday and 0600-2200 Sunday and this sells confectionary drinks plus essentials, plus stuff for your truck including cleaning products
Snap accounts are accepted and parking costs £19 for a night or £21 with a shower. You can pay £5 more for each of these options to get an £8 meal voucher .
There is also a Truck wash, 150 parking spaces, showers, a Cash machine, free Wi-Fi and 24/7 security guards.
This is an excellent truckstop, one of the best we have visited, and it is clearly geared up for drivers. A good example of what a truckstop should be!

Route 74 Truckstop
Teiglum Road, Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, ML11 0JN
01555 896210


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