The Rugby Truckstop evokes comparison with some of the impressive truckstops in the USA, with plenty of room for parking and lots on offer for drivers. The country needs more truckstops like this, with the capacity to get parked and the ability to give drivers a decent meal and a good facilities.

The truckstop is in an ideal location, just off the M1 at junction 18 and just off the M6 at junction 1, so understandably there is plenty of trade for the site. It is owned by the logistics behemoth that is Eddie Stobart, so naturally it has big backing behind it.

It’s clean, and secure and while the parking area could definitely do with resurfacing, on the whole this is an excellent example of a large truckstop.



There are three breakfasts on offer, small at £3.75, Full English at £5.75 and extra-large at £6.50 but you can also create your own breakfast by mixing and matching your preferred items. Sausage, bacon, fried or poached egg, hash brown, baked beans, tomatoes, mini rosti, vegetarian sausage, fried bread and potato scones are all 65p while sauté potatoes are £1.05, three scrambled eggs is £1.26 and mushrooms are £1. Two slices of bread and butter or toast is also a pound, while you can have a single slice for 50p.

There is also the buffet breakfast – where, in true Alan Partridge style, you can fill your plate with items from the hotplates all for £6.99 – you can only have one visit but if you pile it high you’ll certainly get your money’s worth! And it includes a refillable hot drink.

There is also the omelette breakfast for £4.99 – which gives you an omelette, two slices of Monterrey Jack cheese, beans or tomatoes, mini rostis and two slices of toast or bread and butter.

Away from the platefuls of food are beans on toast at £1.50, two eggs on toast at £1.59 and scrambled eggs on toast at £1.99.

Also on offer, and popular with those on the move and not actually stopping for a full meal, are the choice of breakfast baps. These include the bacon or sausage and egg muffin priced at £2.99, a bacon and sausage bap for £3.50 and a bacon or sausage bap for £2.49 which you can have with an egg for £2.89 or an egg and cheese slice for £2.99. Some additional rosti bits adds an extra pound.


Main meals

There is an extensive range of main meals, with many favourite dishes liked by truck drivers. A steak and kidney suet pudding is priced at £7.99 while an Aberdeen Angus steak pie – with or without stilton, chicken and ham pie or three cheese and red onion pie are all priced at all £6.50. An extra-large sausage roll is £4.15.

Half a roast chicken or an omelette with two fillings are both priced at £6.99 while a gammon steak with an egg is £6.50. Chicken Kiev is £5.99 and two breaded pork cutlets are £6.99. Lamb’s liver is £5.99 as is beef lasagne while a vegetable lasagne is £5.50. All main meals and pies served with a choice of potatoes and vegetables.

You can also order a garden salad with a choice of cheese, ham, tuna, half chicken or corned beef for £5.99 while a grilled chicken or steak Caesar salad are priced at £6.99.

The is a good range of fish lunches on offer as well. Battered cod is £6.50, plaice is £6.15 and haddock is £6.69. Scampi is £6.99, jumbo cod fish fingers are £6.50, fish cakes are £4.50 and fish fingers are £4.99.

For curries, there are chicken korma, chicken tikka masala and tandoori vegetable masala all priced at £6.50 – and all served with rice and a naan bread. Chilli con carne and three bean chilli are £4.75.

There is a surprisingly varied selection of vegetarian meals also on the menu. They include broccoli and cheese potato bake with garlic bread, tuna pasta bake with garlic bread, macaroni cheese with chilli and butternut squash, sweet potato and chick pea curry and Quorn tikka masala – all priced at £6.50. A basic garden salad is £3.


Potatoes and burgers

Jacket potatoes are available as plain with butter for £1.99, while if you want one with beans it’s £2.50, cheese and beans together is £4.30 and either tuna mayo or coronation chicken is £4.99.

A quarter pound burger is £3.99 as is a chicken burger while a cheeseburger costs £4.29 and a stilton burger is priced at £4.60. A jumbo hotdog is priced at £3.50. You can add chips for £1 and bacon for 50p,

Chicken, tomato, mushroom or vegetable soup are all priced at £3.20 and served with roll and butter.



There is a mix of the usual favourites when it comes to desserts, and all are priced at £2.99. They are chocolate sponge, spotted dick, sticky toffee pudding, syrup sponge and jam sponge and all are served with a choice of cream, ice cream, or custard. A selection of ice creams is also available at £1.50.

Hot drinks – a mix of machine-vended coffees and teas – are £1.50 and these offer free refills for a two hour period after purchase.

The site – its and shop – are open 24/7, while the restaurant is open 0630-2130 Mondays, then from 0630 on Tuesdays through to 2130 on Friday and 0630-2130 on Saturdays and Sundays.

It costs £23.60 to park for 24 hours, and that includes a £5 meal voucher and free use of the showers. No trailer changeovers are allowed between 2200-0500.

Other facilities are free-to-use cash machines, shower facilities and toilets open 24/7 while there is also comfortable budget accommodation for drivers who want a night away from their cabs. There is also a barbers available on Mondays the Thursdays from 1600-2000.

The site – which has parking for up to 240 truck spaces – is very secure; you have to get a ticket to open the barrier to the parking area and it has perimeter electric fencing,road blockers, ANPR vehicle recognition cameras and security patrol and High-tech electronic security parking with CCTV surveillance.

You can fill up with the high speed diesel and gas oil pumps and AdBlue is also available. Overall, this is a good truckstop with lots on offer for drivers and well located.





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