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The Shrewsbury Transport Truck Stop is located on the new Shrewsbury bypass, on the A5 A49 roundabout intersection.

Its limited PARKING stop only, so NO TRANSPORT CAFE but read on
Hours of Business
24hours 7 days
It also has an HGV diesel filling section.
I thought it was well worth putting on these pages because its a 24 hour operation for HGV Truck fuel and has its wee/small Esso Shop as a part of the filling station as many do.

Many Roads lead to Shrewsbury, which has been for many years by-passed. Shrewsbury is an old town built on a hill with the river seven going in a loop around it. Shrewsbury Castle was built to defend it from invaders. The castle was built at the only open entrance to Shrewsbury that the river seven allowed.

I understand it is the only railway station in the uk built over a river and a main road. Shrewsbury castle is beside the railway station. Shrewsbury Railway station is a wonderful Victorian building in need of some care, but, still reasonable and a wonderful sight to look at.

I think that if a fully loaded HGV were to enter Shrewsbury Town itself to pass through, it might make the town sink or spread outwards into the river.

If you are travelling down the M54 into Wales or wherever, you join the A5 which is a duel carriageway, there are a number of large lay-bys on this road from the M54 end to the Welsh border area if you need to park up for the night, some before the A5 A49 intersection, some after. The A49 north and south of Shrewsbury also has a few lay-bys but not as large.

I have entered this service here because there is perhaps a need. But please look at the

TOLLGATE TRANSPORT CAFE Truck Stop on the Welsh side of the A5 during none dark hours, they give a 7 days service. See the cafe list under TOLLGATE, its a stone built tollgate of yesteryear now a take away, and very good it is..