Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall, Post Code: TR16-5BJ
Phone: 01209 821 810

Smokey Joes Redruth CornwallSat Nav information

Sat Nav via the postcode is Spot On.

Hours of Business

Monday to Thursday 07.00hrs to 21.00hrs last orders

Friday 07.00hrs to 19.00hrs last orders

Saturday 08.00hrs to 19.00hrs last orders

Sunday 10.00hrs to 19.00hrs last orders

Click below link for a Google Map to Smokey Joes by Redruth Cornwall A30 (just off A30 on old A30) Transport Cafe Truck Stop Lorry Park


Smokey Joes Truck Stop or Transport cafe is located off the main A30 bypass at the A3047 intersection. Its on the old A30 trunk road that runs parallel with the bypass. If you are south/westbound, exit the bypass at the A3047 intersection and cross the dual carriageway over the top bridge to a roundabout. Follow the Blackwater signs or continue across on the roundabout on the old A30 and about 100yds on the left is Smokey Joes Truck Stop. I have limited details on this Cafe chaps, sorry, but if you can get or do have details I would appreciate it. You can also reach this cafe from the A30 A390 intersection one junction up on the London side. Mail me if you can help.

I don’t remember this cafe when I was active on HGV, but I do remember using the Flamingo Club Transport cafe when I was in that neck of the woods (for our American readers this means “in that area”). Its good to get mails from across the puddle (Atlantic), its worth noting that for our north American cousins, its not just a question of them not being aware of our expressions or slang, they may well be aware of the expression in question, but, it might mean to them something totally different and even offensive. I am not so sure about the Aussies, they may be on the same frequency. So to North American readers (that includes Canada because they are in north America) please mail me if you have a query, I love to learn your expressions, Back to Smokey Joes .. If you can send me details on this Cafe and or a report all would be appreciated. 10 4 good buddy (that’s good for both sides of the puddle).

RE- your request for info regarding Smokey Joes just off the A30 near Redruth.
This is an excellent site, there is off road parking for around 20 wagons. For £8.50 you get overnight parking, a shower and a main meal with tea/coffee.
The food is excellent home cooked and cooked to order, you can even get a beer here.
The cafe is often busy with families as well as truckers.
Hope this helps. D.C.

Another mail from Grant as follows,,,,

In case someone else inquires, I’ve discovered The Flamingo Club was built over by Morrisons supermarket near burncoose/blowinghouse!

A pity, pink floyd, the who, Hawkwind big cultural 60’s bands all played there; not that I’m especially a fan of them but it would have been a feather in the town’s bonnet. what a shame it can’t live on in some similar way

Other bands i found were Wishbone / Queen / Blackfoot Sue etc, seems mostly to be from 1966/67
Thanks for your useful and well presented website