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Located on A5 between Towcester & Stony Stratford

The Super Sausage Transport Cafe is located on the A5 a few minutes south of Towcester on the Southbound side, about 5 or 10 minutes from Stony Stratford.

The Super Sausage Transport Cafe has been in existence since at least the 1950 period or before. I used this cafe in the late 1950’s and 1960’s period,,, it was excellent then and still is. This Transport Cafe should get an award for consistancy of quality and first class staff attitude.

I recall a regular call at this Cafe for breakfast if I was on a Scottish run from Milton Keynes. Breakfast always had two eggs and good tucker.

I called in recently and they seemed to be doing good business, which says something to us all.
Quite a lot of staff were on duty so indeed they must be popular.
The A5 is quite a good route if the M1 Motorway is clogged up, at Weadon the A45 or A5 can be continued if northbound and provide good routes to other roads or back to the motorway M45 or M1 or Coventry bypass leading to the NEC at Birmingham and then M6 if required.

I called in here in November 2001 again for a meet and a breaky with an old friend from Milton Keynes. Three sizes of breaky were available, all good value.

Called again twice in September 2004 and still first class, talked to an HGV driver who makes a point to stop here, I did the same (when I was a young man) you can see his photo below, he knows a good Transport cafe when he sees one,, so there you go chaps. Its worth mentioning here the staff, ladies, I give you 5 stars for helpfulness and attitude, you really were top notch. Nope,, they did not know who I was, until I finished my breaky and another mug of tea…. why not eH…
Transport Cafe Truck Stop Lorry park Phone 01908 542 964
Post Code = NN12-7QX
Reports please from drivers, for this very old establishment.