Located on the Luck Enterprise Park in Kippax, in the Leeds suburbs, the Pitstop Café looks a bit utilitarian, but inside it offers a warm welcome with good food to boot.

There’s plenty of parking for trucks, although the parking area is not the best – surface wise – that you’ll ever see.

The café is only open in the mornings and through to the end of lunchtime, so there’s no scope for an evening meal



There are there main breakfasts on offer at the Pitstop. The biggest is the Mega breakfast and that will give you two rashers of bacon, two sausages, two hash browns, two fried eggs, mushrooms, black pudding, baked beans, tomatoes, fried bread and toast and comes with a mug of tea or coffee. It is priced at £6.50.

If that is too much, then the large breakfast is available and that comes with two rashers of bacon, two sausages, two eggs, black pudding, baked beans, tomatoes, fried bread and toast as well as the choice of a hot drink. It will set you back £5.50.

Then finally, there is the small breakfast which is a single bacon rasher, one sausage, one egg, baked beans, tomatoes and fried bread. That is £4.50 and also includes the brew.

You can add extras to your breakfast if you so desire, with bacon, spam and sausage all 50p each, fried egg, hash brown, mushrooms or cheese an additional 40p and either baked beans or tomatoes at 30p more.

You can also order a range of hot food on toast, and the options include scrambled eggs, baked beans, two fried eggs or cheese and all cost £3. A simple toasted teacake costs £1.



There is a range of hot sandwiches and the choice is bacon at £2.50, sausage for £2.20 and fried eggs for £1.80 or you can double up with bacon and sausage together at £2.80, bacon and egg for £2.80 and sausage and egg for £2.50. The old favourite of plain spam is £2.20.

The selection of cold sandwiches is varied and includes ham at £2.40, plain cheese at £2.10, a cheese salad is £2.70, tuna costs £2.40, beef is £3 and ham and cheese is £2.80.


Main dinners

There is a choice of main meals available. Roast beef, with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potato or chips and peas, carrots and beans is £6, as is toad in the hole and the pie of the day.

Two fried eggs with chips and beans is £5 as is two sausages also with chips and beans. Both of these are also available with mashed potatoes in place of the chips. Cottage pie with chips or mashed potato is also £5 while quiche and chips is priced at £5.50. All main meals include a mug of tea or coffee and a round of bread and butter.

There are also jacket potatoes which can be plain with butter for £3, per with a filling it’s £3.50 – cheese, beans or tuna mayo. A beefburger with chips is £5 while the soup of the day with a roll is £3.



This is more of a café with a parking area for trucks than a full truckstop, and this is reflected in its opening hours which are 0745-1400 Mondays to Thursdays, 0700-1400 on Friday and 0745-1300 on Saturdays

There is free wi-fi for customers’ use and the site is clean and tidy and the staff were friendly.


Pitstop café

Unit 4 Ledston Park, Luck Enterprise Park, Ridge Road, Kippax, Leeds, LS25 7BF

0113 2863307



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