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Riverside road, Thurso

Arriving on the A9 into Thurso you arrive at the traffic lights.
Crossing these lights proceed across the bridge with your right indicator on.
Take the first turn right over the bridge as per the tourist sign.
Follow the road until you see the Truck Park on the off side, some 400 0r 500yds down. You can see the bridge from the always open free lorry & Coach park photo below.

Click below link for a Google Map to Thurso Lorry Park which is also good for the port of Scrabster being 5 minutes away.


Local Information

Thurso is a small town with decent facilities. No driver facilities are available on the actual Lorry Park. There are public toilets close by, one set is at the harbour walking out of the lorry park and turning right some 100yards away. Also another set some 200yards away turning left from the coach/lorry park.

Thurso is a safe place and drivers can walk from the lorry park into the centre in less than 5 minutes. Local takaways and Cafes are all in easy reach. Everyone is friendly so ask anyone in the street for information, its a small place and most people have good local knowledge. Local B&B’s are also near the lorry park.