The Albion Inn at Ashcott could be described as pub that has a big enough car park for 15 artics to stay the night rather than a bespoke truckstop!

But, the reality is it’s a good place to stop if you need a decent place to park for the night while on the A361 near Bridgwater.

Inside it has the feel of a pub, but the menu of a truckstop. And add in the important facilities likes showers, then it does indeed become an ideal place for truckers.



The Breakfast menu starts with the Small Breakfast at £4.50 and that gives you a sausage, a rasher of bacon, an egg, mushrooms, tomato, beans and hash browns. If that’s not enough, the Bigger Breakfast – at £6.50 – doubles up on the sausages, bacon and eggs and has fried bread, two rounds of toast as well as mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and hash browns.

And for the truly ravenous – or just those with a big appetite – is the Mega Breakfast for £9 with triple bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns and toast supplemented by toast, beans mushrooms, tomatoes and chips. Finally, there is the Veggie Breakfast for £4.50 which has two vegetarian sausages, egg, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread and hash browns. All breakfasts come with a mug of tea or coffee.

You can add extras – including black pudding – at 50p an item, so if you want a standard breakfast, but with an extra egg, you’re sorted.

There is also a wide range of breakfast sandwiches or baps which start at £2.30 for sausage or bacon or fried eggs, then are £2.80 for sausage or bacon with egg and £3 for all three together. Egg mayoor ham are £2.60 while tuna mayo is £2.80. you can have a small side salad with any of these baps for 50p extra.

Plain buttered toast is £1 for two slices while beans, mushrooms, eggs (fried, poached or scrambled) on toast are all £2.75.


Light snacks and main meals

Soup of the day, with bread, is £3.95 while garlic mushrooms are £4.25 and garlic bread are £3.95. A quarter pound burger is £5.50 while a Club sandwich is £5.95. Jacket spud with beans or cheese costs £4.95, or with tuna mayo it’s £5.50 – and both come with a side salad.

The Albion Inn has a decent range of main meals to suit all tastes, and they are very reasonably priced. Faggots, mashed potato and two types of vegetables is £6.95 as is gammon steak with chips, peas and either a fried egg or pineapple.

A three-egg omelette – with chips and a side salad – is £5.50, while home-cooked ham and chips is £5.75. Battered cod or breaded scampi – both with chips and peas – are £6.95 each as is chilli con carne – with rice or chips. There is a choice of curries – with rice or chips also at £6.95, the same price charged for lasagne with chips and salad or cottage pie served with vegetables. Hunter’s chicken with chips is £6.95 and good old sausage, egg and chips will set you back £5.50.

There are also some vegetarian options including a quarter pound spicy bean burger for £6.50, mushroom, brie and cranberry Wellington at £7.25 – and salad and chips come with both these meals.

You can order extras with your main meal, such as onion rings at £1.75, chips £1.50, cheesy chips for £2.30 while chip buttie is £2.50. Finally, there is a specials board – check on the day to see what it is and the Albion also offers Sunday lunches once a month – ring beforehand to find out when!


Desserts and drinks

There is a choice of desserts and rhubarb or apple crumbles are both £3.95 while spotted dick, chocolate pudding and sticky toffee pudding all come in £4.25. all these desserts are offered with a choice of ice cream, custard or cream. Alternatively, you can ice cream on its own for £2.50

Coffee – be it a latte, espresso, cappuccino or mocha – will cost you £1.25, the same price for a tea – and flavoured teas are also available. A mug of hot chocolate is also £1.25 while orange juice or milkshakes are £1.50, squash is just 50p and cans of pop are £1.10. There is also a bar serving a small selection of beers, wines and spirits.



The café opening times are 0800-1500 Mondays to Saturdays and also 1700-2100 on Mondays through to Thursdays. Sunday hours are 1000-1400.

There is room for about 15 trucks to park of an evening. The Albion Inn requests that fridges are switched by 2130 so bear that in mind if it affects you.

For those not parking but requiring a shower then there is a £1.50 charge for this facility. There is free Wi-Fi at the site and Sky Sports.

Parking costs £17 a night and that includes a shower and a main meal, while for £23.50 you get the same plus two drinks from the bar. A Snap account is £19 – just for parking while fuel card customers are charged £22 for parking, shower and main meal. Please note the main meal does not include breakfast and extras such as coffee, bread and butter; chips, rice and the like, which will cost extra.

Drivers can ring in advance for collection take away orders – call 01458 210281 at least 15 minutes before you wish to collect your food.

The Albion Inn is on Facebook to keep you up to date with any news or offers. This is a friendly and welcoming place, and a good place to stop for drivers.




Albion Inn & Truckstop

Address: 14 Bath Road, Ashcott, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 9QT

Telephone: 01458 210281


Twitter: thealbioninn