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Located in an industrial estate close to the Cheshire Town’s station, Crewe Lorry Park is a friendly establishment that offers great value meals and ample overnight parking.

At the moment, much of the site is made up of portable buildings, but this is set to change later this year as the site is due to be modernised and expanded. Currently the dining area only seats 40 at any one time, so it’s clear to see why upgrading is on the cards.


Breakfast options

The Crewe Lorry Park offers a range of breakfasts to suit every level of hunger. The ‘entry-level’ Mini Breakfast comprises a rasher of bacon, an egg, a sausage and beans, plus toast, and costs £3.80.

The standard breakfast is £4.80 and includes two rashers of bacon, sausage, hash brown, egg, mushroom, beans and tomatoes. The Big Breakfast is two slices of bacon, two sausages, two hash browns, egg, mushroom, beans and tomatoes and costs £5.80. Finally there is the Mega Breakfast for the biggest of appetites and comes with three rashers, three sausages, two hash browns, two black puddings, two eggs, mushroom, beans and tomatoes and will set you back £7.50.

You can enhance your breakfast with additional items costing 50p each for hash browns, eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, or 60p for bacon, sausage, black pudding or cheese. Toast or bread and butter is 30p a slice.

For those not wanting a fry up, you can have egg, cheese or beans on toast at £3 for two slices. Breakfast omelettes are £4.50 – and are served with beans and toast and a choice of two fillings from ham, bacon, cheese, mushroom, tomatoes, onions. Any additional items are 50p each.

Toasties, baps, sandwiches are £3 with one filling and £3.50 with two fillings and £4 with three fillings. Baguettes are £3.50, or with two fillings at £4 and finally with three fillings is £4.50. The choice of fillings for all these are egg, mushroom, beans, tomatoes, bacon, sausages, black pudding, cheese, ham, hash browns or onions.


Lunch menu

There are a variety of lunch options which start with a 4oz beef burger at just £3. A cheeseburger is £3.50, and you can have that with bacon for £4. A double cheeseburger is £5, or £5.50 with bacon. A BLT is £4, or £5 with chips or a salad.

Rolls or sandwiches – all of which are served with a salad – are £3.50 for ham, cheese, tuna mayo or cheese & pickle, and additional fillings are 50p each. You can have these with chips for an extra pound.

Jacket potatoes are £4 with one filling – a choice of either beans, cheese, tuna mayo or chilli – and once again it is 50p for a second filling.

A plate of chips is £1.80 and cheesy chips are £2.50, which is the same price for chips and gravy or chips and curry sauce.


Drinks and snacks

A mug of tea or coffee is a pound each, the same price that is charged for a can of pop, a glass or milk or bottle of water. Flavoured water is £1.30 and fruit juice is £1.50.

Chocolate bars or packets of crisps are 60p while flapjacks are a pound and a small packet of three biscuits is 50p.


Evening meals

For those wanting an evening meal, then there is a good choice on offer. A gammon steak is £7.50 and comes with a choice of potatoes – chips, mashed or boiled, and with a fried egg, onion rings, tomatoes and peas or salad.

The 8oz rump steak is £9.80 and also comes with the same choice of potatoes, an egg, onion rings, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, and peas or salad.

Fish & chips is just £6.80 and comes with mushy peas, tartar sauce. The Truckers’ chicken is the same costs and is presented with barbeque sauce, bacon, cheese, choice of potatoes and peas or salad. The mega burger is £7.50 and is a double cheeseburger, with onion rings, tomatoes, bacon, salad and chips.

Cheaper options are sausage, egg, chips and beans for £4.80 while ham, egg and chips is just 20p more at £5.

Omelettes are £5.50 and come with two fillings – a choice of ham, cheese, mushroom, tomatoes or onions. These are also served with chips and beans. Chilli con carne is £6.50 with chips or rice, and is also served with nachos, cheese and sour cream.

Salads are £5.50 and the choice is chicken, ham or tuna mayo – and served with cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, onions, coleslaw, boiled egg, pickled onions, chips and bread & butter.

In addition to these set meals, there is a selection of daily specials which include Rogan Josh curry, chicken pie, liver and onions and roast beef.



The site – which offers free wi-fi – has parking for 120 trucks and it costs £16 a night to stay over which includes a £3 voucher for the café. Everyone who pays by card – Visa, Debit, MasterCard – also gets the £3 meal voucher included when paying on their card. The parking area is manned 24/7
and has CCTV.

Showers are free if you’re staying overnight. The site does get pretty busy but prides itself on never having to turn anyone away. Trailer changes are charged at £5.

The site accepts the following fuel cards; DKV, Morgan, UTA
BP and SNAP Accounts. Even when the café is closed, the toilets and showers are open as is access to the washing machine and dryer.

The site might appear a little basic, but it is clean, the staff are friendly and above it, it is expanding so it will soon be bigger and better. The plans for a new café are currently with the local planners and as soon as they are rubber stamped, then the redevelopment will start.

Given the number of trucks that serve the nearby industrial units, means this is a popular truckstop and it’s easy to see why.


Crewe Lorry Park

Address: Cowley Way (Off Weston Road), Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6AE

Contact number: 07894 622250




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