There are quite a few truckstops on the stretch of the M74 north of Carlisle on the road into, and from, Scotland, so anyone in the business needs to be on their game and also offer a good service.

Some of the establishments are quite big, while there are some smaller sites; so all preferences are catered for. One of the latter is the Heatherghyll Hotel Truckstop near Crawford in Lanarkshire, and it offers a nice friendly atmosphere from the ex-truck driver Phil means anyone stopping here should enjoy a good stay.

The truckstop is just off junction 13 of the M74 north or southbound and has plenty of room for parking, with the ability to see 50 trucks stopping for the night.


Opening hours

The food menu is available from 0800 to 2100 on Monday, 0600-2100 for the rest of the week, while weekends sees the kitchen open from 0800-1300 and 1700-2000 on Saturdays and 1500-2000 on Sundays. The bar remains open later, until 2300, serving a range of beers, lagers and other alcoholic drinks.



The mini breakfast costs £5.50 and comprises sausage, egg, bacon, tomato or beans, toast and tea or coffee. The bigger Truckers’ breakfast – at £6.95 – includes the same plus black pudding, both beans and tomatoes and a fried slice.

For those wanting a smaller meal to start the day then poached egg on toast is £2.80, or £3.50 for two eggs, which is the same price for scrambled eggs. Beans on toast is £2.80, cheese on toast is £3.10 and cheese & tomatoes on toast is £3.60.

Cereal is £2.70, toast is 50p and toast with marmalade or jam is £1. A pot of tea is £1.20 while a pot of coffee is £1.50.


Main courses

Soup of the day – of which there are two choices – is £3.50, pate on toast is £4 and egg mayonnaise is £3.75.

All main courses are served with chips or potatoes as well as choice of beans or peas. They include two fried eggs at £4.60, bacon & eggs at £5.15. Ham and eggs is £5.70 while a 6oz steak burger is £5.75 with onions or £7.10 with an egg. These are also available with cheese or salad and relish, and you can double up to a double steak burger. There is also a chicken burger option with salad and relish are £5.90.

Haggis is £5.80 as is corned beef and egg while haddock is is £6.80. There are a variety of homemade omelettes – plain starts at £4.95, ham, cheese or mushroom is £5.45 or a mixed omelette is £6.35

Children’s meals are all £4.20 and are typical favourites like fish fingers and chips, fishcakes and chips, sausage and chips or chicken nuggets and chips.

Other main meal options are spicy pork and rice or grilled pork loins – both at £7.50. Cottage pie or a ham salad are also both priced at £7.50. There are four main meal specials a day, which change daily, and a choice of starters ad puddings.


Other facilities

The site has two showers, a pool table, TVs and free internet. Parking charges are currently ‘under review’ but offer great value on in the area. As mentioned, there is plenty of room to park for the night.

There are also snacks, crisps, sweets and drinks available for purchase and tea and coffee can be bought to take away. Basics such as deodorant and toothbrushes can also be purchased.

This might not the biggest truckstop you’ll ever visit, and in many ways that is one of its plus points, as it is a friendly establishment and the atmosphere is good.

It’s also in a nice part of the world, with pleasant enough views of the Borders Region countryside. Well worth calling in at if you need a meal or a place to park for the night.


Address: 20 Carlisle Road, Crawford, ML12 6TW

Contact Tel: 01864 502227




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