Sadly, the need to keep the premises secure means the Junction 31 café is surrounded by rather uninviting palisade fencing, but don’t let that put you off as the establishment is not only incredibly friendly but it offers good, honest and tasty food, even if it does not offer the most extensive of menus.

Any driver should be able to find something to fill them up, and it is exceptionally well priced. The site is located just a few minutes from junction 31 of the M1, in the former Dodd’s transport depot in Aston. The café is open from 0730 to 1900.



It’s hard to think of many places where you can get a full English for under £4, but at Junction 31 you can. The basic full English – which comes with a rasher of bacon, a sausage, an egg, baked beans, tomatoes and a hash brown is priced at £3.99. Even if you have to pay extra for a brew – tea and coffee are just 80p a mug – then it’s still under a fiver.

If that is not enough for you, the big breakfast comes with two rashers, sausages, eggs and hash browns as well as beans and tomatoes and even this will only set you back £4.99. The bigger breakfast triples up on the bacon, sausages, eggs and hash browns, and also has beans and tomatoes and costs £6.99.

If you don’t want a plateful then the breakfast wrap – which includes a rasher of bacon, a sausage, an egg and cheese, is priced at £3.80, Junction 31 also offers a veggie breakfast on request.

If you want the side accompaniment of bread and butter then that will add 50p to the bill and you can add extra items – it’s 60p for any of mushrooms, fried slice, toast or hash brown while for black pudding it will be an extra 70p.

As we all know, not everyone wants a full English, so there is the choice of two eggs, beans, tomatoes or cheese on toast all for £2.60 for two slices.


Hot sandwiches

The site offers a wide range of hot sandwiches – either as a sandwich or in a bun – as well as plenty of toasted sandwiches options.

A fried egg sandwich is £2 while bacon or sausage is £2.40 and bacon or sausage with either an egg or tomatoes is £2.70. Sausage and bacon together is £3, bacon, sausage and egg is £3.40 and finally bacon, sausage, tomatoes and egg is £4. A simple chip butty is £2.50.

For toasted sandwiches, then a cheese or baked beans toastie are priced at £2.50 each, which cheese with onions is £2.60. Cheese and beans together in a toastie is £3.

A ham toastie is £2.60, as is a bacon toastie, while cheese and ham will cost you £3.20 – the same price for bacon and cheese or a bacon, lettuce and tomato toastie. You can ask for other fillings and combinations.


Sandwiches and burgers

There’s a wide range of sandwiches or bread rolls available. They include cheese at £2, cheese with either onion or pickle at £2.20 or a cheese or ham salad at £2.50.

Ham on its own is £2.20, or with egg it’s £2.80. Egg or egg mayo is £2.50 while tuna mayo is priced at £2.80.

On the burger menu is the basic quarter pounder beef burger at £3.30 and with cheese its £3.60. A bacon burger is £3.80 and ordering a bacon and cheese burger will set you back £4.20.

The double burger – two quarter-pounders – is £4.50 and the triple burger is £5.50. There is also the special burger – two quarter pounders, bacon, cheese and onion rings – priced at £5.50.

The chicken or veggie burger options are £3.30. You can order a side of chips with any burger for just an extra pound.


Jacket potatoes and omelettes

A simple jacket spud with only butter is priced at just £2.50 and with cheese or baked beans then it costs £3.10. If you want both cheese and beans on your baked potato, then the price is just £3.60 while tuna mayo is £3.80.

Onto the omelette menu, and a plain version is £3.60. With cheese, or ham or mushrooms then it is £4. Cheese and ham together is £4.50 – the same price for a tuna omelette.

The special mixed omelette – with cheese, ham, mushrooms and onions – is £4.80. again, if you want a side of chips with your omelette then add an extra quid to the bill.

The site offers a limited range of specials and on the day of our visit there was the choice of a pie with chips and peas or beans at £5.50 or a mixed grill at £7.99.

Other lighter snacks were chips with curry sauce at £2.60 or potato wedges with melted cheese at £2.50. A fishfinger sandwich costs £2.80, while a hot dog with onions was £3.50 and chips, cheese and garlic mayo was £2.50. A plate of chips on their own is £1.50, as is five onion rings or garlic mushrooms. Bread and butter is 50p on its own.



Tea or coffee is just 80p a mug while, cappuccinos or lattes are £1.20. a bottle of water or a can of pop is 80p while milk costs 90p and milkshakes are £1.50 – you need to ask for what flavours are available.

A ‘Cup a soup’ is £1.20 – again, ask for the varieties on offer while an Oxo beef drink is priced at 80p



The overnight parking charge is £13.20and the site offers fully secure parking spaces for single nights and longer periods. It has 24-hour CCTV that is monitored on- and off-site and there are 24-hour security foot patrols. The gate access is security controlled; the site is also protected by a full perimeter security fence.

While it does not serve beer, there is a local pub is only 100m up the road. There are male and female showers and toilets open 24 hours a day. There is free Wi-fi.

It can cater for a drop and swap at an agreed rate for the week. It also takes SNAP Account, DKV, UTA, Morgan and Key Fuels cards as payment as well as cash, or direct accounts are available.


Contact details

Mansfield Road, Aston, Sheffield, S26 2BS

07841 386371


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