Highland retreat

The A9 main trunk road from Perth to Inverness and on to Wick is a great road to drive for its stunning scenery, but it’s also challenging – especially in inclement weather.

The Newtonmore Grill provides drivers with some respite, and while not bang on the A9, it’s about a mile off the main road, it is a good place to park up for the night and to get a meal.

It is open from 0700-2200 on Mondays, 0600-2200 on Tuesdays to Fridays, 0700-2200 on Saturdays and 0800-2200 on Sundays. The Newtonmore Grill is 500 yards from a petrol station which can be easily accessed by trucks.



There is a good range of breakfast starting with the half breakfast at £4 and comprising a sausage, egg, bacon, beans and toast with butter. The Big Breakfast is £5.70 and is the same but with two sausages and two eggs. The Trucker’s breakfast costs £6.95 for two sausages, two eggs, bacon, black pudding, hash browns, beans, mushrooms and toast with butter.

Moving up is the Mega breakfast at £8.90 which comes with two sausages, a burger, two eggs, bacon, black pudding, potato scone, hash browns, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast & butter. The veggie breakfast is £6 and is two eggs, hash browns, beans, tomatoes, potato scone, mushrooms and toast with butter.

Other breakfast options are scrambled eggs, with toast and butter at £4 or £5.50 with bacon. Two poached eggs on toast is £3 (or £3.50 for three eggs), beans on toast costs £3 (or £3.75 with cheese) and smoked haddock with poached eggs is £7.50.

Cereals are all £2.50 and offered are Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Frosties or porridge. Simple toast with butter and jam or marmalade costs £1.50.


Lighter snacks

The Newtonmore Grill offers a range of lighter breakfasts or snacks such as hot filled rolls which are £2 for egg while an extra 20p buys you either bacon, sausage, Lorne sausage, black pudding, haggis or potato scone. You can modify these rolls to have two fillings for £2.70 or three fillings for £3.30.

Baked potatoes are £6 with baked beans and cheese, cheese and pickle or tuna mayo while for haggis and cheese they are £6.70.

Sandwiches and toasties are £4.50 for ham salad or egg mayo, and then £4.90 for roast beef and horseradish, corned beef salad, BLT, ham and cheese, cheese & red onion or cheese and pickle.

A Turkey, Brie and cranberry toastie is £5.25 while a tuna melt or haggis & cheese are both £5.50. Soup and a filled roll is £6 and soup and a sandwich is £7.90.

Two chicken skewers served with coleslaw and chips will set you back £6.50 while the traditional favourite of ham, egg and chips is priced at £5.80 and a Scotch pie, chips and beans is £5.

A filled omelette with chips costs £6.50 and Jumbo fish fingers, chips and beans is 10p cheaper. A hot dog with onions and chips costs £4.50, spicy chicken goujon salad wrap with potato wedges is £6.30 and egg and chips comes in at £4.

There is also a soup of the day at £3.80 while garlic bread is £2.60, or with cheese, then it is £3.20. Nachos with warm tortilla chips, melted cheese, sour cream and salsa is £3 for one person or £5.50 for two people. Chicken satay is £4.50.

The establishment offers a range of side orders with a portion of chips £1.80 (small) or £2.50 (large), while chips and cheese are £3.20. Baked beans are £1.20, cheese or coleslaw is £1.60, a side salad costs £2, dips are £1 as are peas £1, onion rings are £3 and finally a roll or bread with butter is 80p.


Main meals

A range of specials of the day are offered, and you need to ask for details. Aside from these are a range of main meals such as fish and chips, with peas and salad, at £7.90, scampi, salad and chips is £8.20, Macaroni cheese and chips at £7.50, beef lasagne with chips and salad is £8.70 and a steak and beer pie, with mashed potatoes and vegetables is £8.60.

Moving down the menu, mince with mash and veg is £7.65, crispy chicken fillets with chips and salad is £7.90, gammon steak with pineapple, fried egg, chips and peas costs £8, pork chop, chips, salad and apple sauce is £7.60, sirloin steak with tomato, onion rings, mushrooms, peas and chips is £15 and finally a T bone steak will set you back £19.50.

A range of salads can be ordered including ham, turkey, beef, tuna, cheese or corned beef and they cost £8.50 and are served with fresh veg, a boiled egg, selection of pickles and potato wedges or chips. An extra selection to add to this will cost £1.50


Burgers and Pizza

The Newtonmore Grill offers a wide range of burgers – all served with chips and coleslaw – and they are the beefburger at £5.50, cheeseburger at £5.80, the Pit Stop burger – cheese, bacon, onion rings and barbeque sauce – for £7.80, haggis and cheese burger at £6.50 and the Italian burger – pepperoni and mozzarella – for £6.50.

Additionally there are the naked burgers – any of the above but without the bun or chips, but with the salad – deduct £1.20 from the cost.

The Juggernaut burger – which is a double burger with cheese, bacon, egg, costs £8.40. Spicy or plain chicken burgers are both £5.70 and you can add cheese or bacon at 70p each. The Fishwich is £5.50 and a vegetarian spicy bean burger is £6, or with cheese, is £6.70.

Pizzas are available as 9 or 12 inches, with the latter an extra pound in each case. They start with the basic Margarita at £5.70, ham and pineapple at £6.90, pepperoni is £6.50, chicken, onion and sweet chilli sauce is £7.30, pepperoni, ham, bacon, onion and barbeque sauce is £8.50, mushrooms, olives, onion and peppers is £7.70, tuna, onion, sweetcorn and olives is £7.90, and the fully loaded – chicken, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms onion and tomato costs £9.30. You can also have a haggis pizza at £6.50 or the hot and spicy – beef meatballs, jalapeno peppers and onion – at £7.90. Any extra topping is 80p.



Again, desert specials on offer and ask for details but the site also offers the traditional favourites – all cost £4.60. They include apple crumble, bread & butter pudding, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate fudge cake, and all served with either custard, cream or vanilla ice cream

Ice cream can be bought – for one scoop it’s £1.80, two scoops it’s £2.80, and for three scoops it’s £3.50. They come with a choice of sauces. A brandy basket or a waffle cone costs 50p more.



A good range of drinks is available, and as well as a fridge for chilled drinks like pop and juices, the establishment offers a pot of tea for one for £1.50 while Earl Grey or fruit teas are £1.70. Instant coffee is also £1.70 but ground coffee, lattes and cappuccinos are also on offer at £2.20. Hot chocolate is £2.50 – or with cream and marshmallows it is £3. A pint of milk is £1.50.

It also offers milkshakes – either raspberry, strawberry, banana, caramel, chocolate or vanilla – and these are £1.75 for a half-pint or £2.50 for a pint.

Orange/apple juice is £1.50, cans are £1.30 and bottles of juice are £1.50. Lucozade is £1.70, Drench £2, Fruit Shoots £1.80, Oasis £2 and still or sparkling water is £1.20.

There is also a bar with draught lager, Caledonia Best, Magners cider and Guinness with bottles of Stella, Budweiser, Miller, Tennants and a range of craft beers. Spirits, whisky and glasses of wine can also be bought.



The Newtonmore Grill has showers, TV and a bar. There is parking for up to 40 trucks and the parking area has a good surface. It costs £10 to park and showers are an extra 50p.

The Newtonmore Grill certainly seems a popular place with truck drivers, is very reasonably priced for parking… and in nice scenery to boot!




Newtonmore Grill

Address: Old Perth Rd, Newtonmore PH20 1BB

Contact Number: 01540 673702




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