The Redbeck Motel is on the Doncaster Road, in Crofton in the south part of Wakefield in West Yorkshire. While first impressions might make you think it is an establishment geared up for families, the reality is it has a lot to offer truck drivers.

In fact it can accommodate up to 40 trucks in a safe secure parking area with CCTV. It also has a varied menu with lots of choice. It has a 24-hour restaurant which is a major plus for truck drivers, allowing them to eat at whatever time they need to. Such truckstops are thin on the ground.


The Redbeck offers an all-day breakfast for £4.90, while the all-inclusive breakfast is £5.20 and the breakfast special is £5.65. If these full plates are too much, then there is small breakfast priced at £4.25.

Likewise, for those not wanting a full breakfast, then two rashers of bacon, with an egg and fried bread is £4.40, while swapping the fried slice for tomatoes or beans adds 15p, or swapping it for a sausage is brings the price up to £4.65.



There is a full range of hot and cold sandwiches, and these start at the basic salad sandwich at £2.90 which is the same price for a cheese sandwich. A Ham sandwich is £3.25, while roast beef is just 10p more and tuna mayo is £3.40. A BLT costs £3.75.

There are also a lot of hot sandwiches as well. The simple double egg is £2.20 while a bacon or sausage sandwich is £2.60, and either with an added egg is £2.95. Bacon and sausage is £3 while bacon, sausage, egg and tomato is priced at £4.15.

A chip butty is £2.85 while a chicken fillet burger is £3.75. A hot roast beef sandwich costs £3.45 while a Steak Canadian is £2.85. A quarter-pound hamburger is priced at £3.25 and a cheeseburger is 20p more. A spam sandwich is £2.70 and finally, bacon on toast is priced at £2.95



The Redbeck has a wide range of meals including a daily special, which is priced at £5.95 – ask for details when you arrive, but on the day of our visit there was steak and mushroom pie with Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and potatoes or chips.

Also on offer are homemade steak and kidney pie (£5.80), roast beef or pork with Yorkshire pudding (£5.90), half a roasted chicken (£7.30), homemade shepherd’s pie (£5.80), lamb’s liver (£5.90) and medium sirloin steak (£8.10). All are served with fresh vegetables, and a choice of potatoes or chips.

The grill menu is equally varied. A king size rump steak or a giant T-bone steak are both priced at £16.80 while an English sirloin steak is £13.25. The Redbeck mixed grill is £8.50. Gammon and egg is priced at £7.90 for a medium, and £8.60 for a large gammon while lasagne is £6.70. A fillet of haddock is priced at £6.85, scampi at £7.25 and quiche at £6.

Two grilled pork chops are £7.80 and three grilled lamb chops are £7.70. All these meals are served with mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, chips and peas. There are variations to all grills available, just ask the staff for details.


Light lunch snacks

If you don’t fancy a full-blown lunch meal then there are plenty of light lunches such as Hamburger (£5.60), bacon and egg (£4.95), sausage and egg (£4.90), two eggs (£3.80) and three sausages (£3.95), and again, all are served with with chips and peas or beans.

A baked potato costs £3.50 for a plain version, but there are extra toppings available at 85p ach such as cheese or baked beans.

A plate of chips is £2.35 and cheesy chips are £2.85. Chips with beans will set you back £2.90 while a quiche with a side salad is priced at £4.10.

Salads – either ham or beef – are £6.40, while half a chicken is £7.50 and a larger quiche is £6.40.

There is a range of meals on the children’s menu at £2.55 and dishes for babies are £1.75.

Cakes, desserts and drinks

There is a wide selection of cakes and desserts available such as chocolate fudge cake at £2.20, lemon cheesecake at £2.10, lemon meringue at £2.30 or Bakewell tart at £1.95. There are various other cakes and biscuits, mostly under £2.

A mug of tea is £1.55 and coffee is £1.75 while pots are £2.50 and £2.70 respectively. A Cappuccino costs £2.20 as does hot chocolate while Horlicks is priced at £2.35 and herbal teas are £1.80.

Cold cans of pop are £1, while J2Os are £1.90 and milkshakes and fruit juices are £1.70. If you are parking for the night, bottles of beer are £2.50. The Redbeck also has the Al’s Bar which is a fully licensed bar serving draught and bottled beers, seven days a week. It is open1200-2300.

The bar is family friendly and children can play safely in the enclosed beer garden and children’s play area.



The truckstop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Drivers can use the shower facilities, TV lounge, Café and licensed bar. There is also free wi-fi and an ATM cash machine.

All vehicles and their cargo are parked at their owners’ risk and cooking with a naked flame is prohibited in the parking area.

There is no trailer uncoupling without permission and no dangerous cargoes are allowed. Parking with meal voucher and shower is £18 and without it’s £9 with a shower costing £2.50.

You can also book a room if you don’t have a sleeper cab or just want a night away from the cab. It’s £34 for a single room with shared facilities, or £44 for an en suite room. A double en suite is £62 and a twin is £60 and finally a family room is £86 for a maximum of three people.

Redbeck Motel, Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RR

01924 862730