Samantha’s Diner in Goole is a typical truckstop; it might look like a no frills establishment but it delivers what it sets it to do – being geared up to cater well for truck drivers. It’s clean and a pleasant enough a place to stop off at. Being the heart of a busy industrial area, it can be a busy.



There are two main full English breakfast options. They are the small breakfast which comes with a rasher of bacon, sausage, egg, fried potatoes, beans or tomatoes, toast of fried bread and is priced at just £4.

The big breakfast has two rashers of bacon, two sausages, egg, fried potatoes, a choice of black pudding or mushrooms, beans or tomatoes, toast or fried bread and includes a mug of tea or coffee… and all that will set you back £6.

As an alternative, a muffin with sausage, cheese, egg and hash brown is just £2.80 while a breakfast buttie – bacon or sausage – is £2.20 for small and £2.70 for the medium-sized option.

Extra items – from mushrooms, spam, egg, black pudding or toast – can be added to any breakfast for 60p each.



All burgers are 100% steak and the basic burger – served with bacon, cheese, tomatoes and a portion of chips is £6. There is also the egg burger – served with bacon, cheese, tomatoes and a portion of chips which is also £6.

The Swiss burger comes served cheese, mushrooms and a portion of chips and is priced at £5.80 while a simple cheeseburger – served with onions and sauces, but no chips – is on the menu at £4.

The chicken fillet burger, with chips, is £4 while a pepperoni burger with cheese and chips is also £6. You can add an extra burger in the bun for £1.20 each. Chips on their own are £2 a portion and other extras are 50p each.


Main meals

There is a specials board with a range of different meals – on the day of our visit, Chinese chicken curry with rice or chips, or half of each, was on offer at £7 and that included a brew.

Samantha’s Diner also serves a range of popular main meals. Scampi with chips and peas is £6 as is chicken goujons with chips and a choice of beans or peas. A pasty with chips and beans is £5.80 as is ham, eggs and chips or sausages, egg, chips and beans. Two fried eggs with chips is £3.

There is also a choice of pies with chips and peas and lasagne is also on the menu. For a slightly lighter lunch then a jacket potato with a single filling – either cheese, beans or tuna mayo – is priced at £3.50.

Moving onto the lighter meals, beans, eggs, mushrooms on toast is £3.40, baked beans on toast is priced at £2.60 and scrambled eggs on toast is £3. Scrambled eggs and beans on toast will cost you £3.50 as will scrambled eggs, beans and mushrooms on toast.


Sandwiches and baguettes

There is a very substantial choice on the sandwich and baguette menu. Bacon or sausage are both £2, while bacon with either egg or mushrooms is £2.30 and sausage and egg is £3.10.

Bacon and sausage together cost £2.80 while bacon or sausage with tomatoes is charged at £2.20. Bacon, egg and mushroom together is £2.70 while bacon, sausage, egg and mushroom is £3.50. Bacon, egg and tomatoes comes in at £2.50 while bacon, sausage and tomato together is £3. The popular bacon, lettuce and tomato is £2.20.

A simple egg butty is £1.60 while a chip butty is £2.30. A burger in sandwich is £3 and with cheese this becomes £3.20.

You can have all of these combinations as baguettes instead, and the price differential is typically 50-80p more while the jumbo versions are typically another 50-70p on top of that again.

Other choices are ham, tuna, cheese, cheese and onion or salad all priced at £2 in sandwiches, and these are also available at baguettes or jumbos for a slightly higher price. Paninis – either ham and cheese or tuna mayo are also available. You can add extra tomatoes or beans for 20p (in a sandwich) or 40p on the plate. Two slices of toast are 60p.



The site offers a range of puddings such as crumbles, fruit pies, jam roly poly and Spotted Dick. It also sells teacakes and scones, both at 70p a go. Then of course there is a range of crisps, snacks, and drinks and tea or coffee are both priced at £1.20.



You can order your food to eat in or take away and there’s seating capacity for about 26 diners at any one time.

The café is open 0730-2100 on Mondays to Fridays with the last food orders taken at 2000. The site is closed at weekends.

It also has showers (open until 2000), big TV and it takes contactless payment. Parking is £14 a night or £22 with a meal voucher and access to the showers. Over 45 trucks can park at the site which has CCTV security and free wi-fi.



Docklands Logistic Support, Truckstop and Samantha’s Diner

Anderson Road, Goole, East Yorkshire, DN14 6UD

01405 766349