Although on the southbound carriageway of the A1, there is easy access to this truckstop from both directions of the main Anglo-Scottish trunk road. The diner is under a new manager, Bob Craft, and TSN called in to see him.

This is a popular truckstop, with overnight parking for 50 artics. Once it opens at 0600 on a Monday morning, it remains open for 24 hours through to 1400 on Saturdays. It is also open from 0800 to 2200 on Sundays, so gives great flexibility for drivers.

“Parking is £15 a night – which gives you a free tea or coffee voucher, or £18 with a £4 meal voucher. The site takes SNAP accounts as well. There is no fuelling facility. There are showers available as well for both sexes,” Bob tells me.

There is a parking guard on the site until 2300, but because of its 24-hour opening, there are always staff around. “There are at least three staff on at any time during the café’s three shifts,” adds Bob.

The kitchen is open all the time as well, meaning you can always get a hot meal. The full menu is available all the time, so there are no time ‘restrictions’ on the availability of breakfasts. All food is cooked to order and most of the meat is sourced through local butchers.

Inside there is room for about 70 people to sit down and eat at any one time. There is a TV, although that is just for the terrestrial channels. Adds Bob: “The site has become a bit busier in recent times following the closure of Alconbury but drivers usually always get parked.”

There are four breakfast options – the ‘light’ which is two rashers of bacon, egg, fried slice, beans or tomatoes for £5.50, then there is the ‘all day’ which is the same but with two sausages, hash brown, bread & butter and tae or coffee for £6.95. Next up is the ‘Mega breakfast’ which has an extra egg, both beans and tomatoes, black pudding, mushrooms and double the bread & butter. That costs £8.75. Finally is the ‘vegetarian breakfast’ for £6.75 which is two eggs, two hash browns, fried slice, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and bread & butter – plus a tea or coffee.

There are sandwiches and rolls – hot, such as bacon, fried egg or sausage, or cold such as cheese, tuna or ham. The ‘Stibby caf’ – as it is affectionately known by locals – also offers burgers, salads, scrambled eggs on toast and omelettes.

There is also a good section of grills and main meals. These include the mixed grill, gammon steak, fried liver & onions and steaks. For the main meals, there are a roast of the day, homemade cottage pie, liver and bacon casserole, steak pie, chicken & Mushroom pie, chicken, curry, chilli and vegetarians are catered for by a three cheese pasta bake to a veggie Kiev. Old favourites like scampi and chips and fish and chips are also available.

Beer, wine and spirits are also sold from 1100-2300 Mondays to Saturdays and 1200-2200 on Sundays.

The food is good and the portions sizeable, and even on a Friday afternoon, the place was very busy, and not just with truck drivers.

There is a lot of choice for drivers on where to stay on the A1, and often it’s their tachographs which dictate where a trucker will stop for the night, but the Stibbington Diner offers incredibly flexibility and choice and means that pretty much whatever time you park up for the night or simply stop for a meal, you’ll be able to get a good meal and a shower if you need one.


Stibbington Diner, 2 Old Great North Rd (A1), Stibbington, Peterborough PE8 6LR

Access available from north and southbound carriageways off the A1







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