Swindon Truck Stop is on the outskirts of the Wiltshire town, where the A420 Oxford Road meets the A419 outer bypass. It is just a few minutes’ drive from Junction 15 of the M4 and just behind the local Sainsbury’s supermarket

This is a good, proper trucker’s rest area. It serves traditional trucker’s fayre and the staff are very friendly, helpful and chatty. You can expect good service here, and service with a smile.



The STS offers a wide range of home cooked food using meat supplied by a local butcher.

The traditional ‘Full English’ Breakfasts start at just £3.90 for two sausages, two rashers of bacon, an egg and beans. Add 60p and you’ll get tomatoes and toast thrown in and for £4.95 you also get mushrooms and a second slice of toast.

The mega breakfast is £7.95 and sees a second egg, hash brown, black pudding, fried bread and bubble and squeak added to the plate. Any extra items are 60p a portion.

Lighter breakfast options include fried or poached egg on toast for £2.80, or scrambled egg is another 15p. Cheese or beans on toast are both £2.80. Tea and coffee are both £1 for a mug.



There is a decent range of main meals. A plain burger is £2.60, double is £3.30 and triple is £4.10. A single cheeseburger s £2.90, double, £3.90 and triple is £4.90.

Bacon burgers are £3.30/£4.20/£4.95, bacon and cheeseburgers are £3.70/£4.70/£5.80 and chicken burgers are £3.60 while a veggie burger is £2.80. you can add chips to any of these for £1.60 or beans for 60p.

Sausage, chips and beans is £4.60 as is sausage, mash and peas, while ham, egg and chips if £4.80. Other options are available if you ask the staff. There are daily specials available at £7.45 and roast dinners at £8.45.


Light bites and snacks

The STS offers a wide range of fillings in jacket potatoes. A plain spud is £3.40 but with either beans, coleslaw or cheese it is £4.50. Tuna mayo is £4.80, and cheese and beans is £4.95 – all of these are served with a small salad.

Full meal salads are cheese at £4.95, ham or tuna at £5.50 and ham and cheese at £6.95. Omelettes start at £4.45 for a plain version, but cheese, ham, mushrooms are all £4.95 – a mix of two of these fillings is £5.55 and all three is £5.99. you can add a portion of salad or chips for another 50p

A wide selection of hot (from £2) or cold sandwiches (from £1.90) are also available – just ask the staff for what is on offer and the prices.

A range of deserts are all £2.95 and include sponges, puddings and spotted dick – all served with either custard, ice cream or cream. The are also cakes at £1.50 each – Eccles cakes, muffins, iced lemon tarts, almond tarts and others are also available

You can telephone your order ahead (01793 824812) for sandwiches, tea or coffee which will be prepared and ready for collection when you arrive.


Facilities and Services

In the main dining area there are big TVs. There is room for at least 50 diners should you hit a busy peak, but there is also the scope to eat in the adjacent bar and games room should it be too busy.

Parking, Showers and Restrooms are open 24 hours 7 days a week, while the café and kiosk are open 0600-2200 Mon to Fri. On Saturdays the café is is open 0800-1200 while the kiosk is open 0800-1300. The latter is also open on Sundays from the same hours but the café is closed.

The STS also has a fully licensed bar with self serve beer and a games room which includes a pool table, dartboard, games machines and a 55-inch plasma screen showing BT Sports.

There are free male and female showers which are available 24 hours. The toilets and shower block was clean and presentable on the day TSN visited.

Other useful features are a coffee machine and scanning/photocopying facilities and there is also a cashpoint.

Two hours of parking is free and 2-5 hours is £6.50 while 5-24 hours is £18 or €25. Yyou can pay £22 for overnight parking which includes a £5 meal voucher. Fridges must be turned off between 2200-0600.


Parking and fuel

The site has a secure floodlit parking area which can accommodate over 80 vehicles. The surface of the parking area is excellent

You can also buy diesel, gas oil and AdBlue and the site has high-speed, 24-hour automated pumps. It accepts a range of cards including SNAP, Key Fuels and UK Fuels. The forecourt has four diesel pumps, one gas oil pump and two AdBlue pumps.

There is also a truck wash service offered by SFX Jetting to keep your trucks clean.


A420 Oxford Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 4ER

01793 824812





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