The Welford Truckstop by junction 1 of the A14 is a proper old school truckstop. It might look a little run-down, and a mass of portable buildings all put together to create it, but the welcome is warm and there’s plenty of food on offer for drivers.
Overnight parking, with access to showers is available. It’s accessible from both West and Eastbound carriageways of the busy A14 road from the Midlands into East Anglia.

There are two main breakfasts on offer. The Big Breakfast gives you two slices of bacon, two sausages, two eggs, two hash browns, tomatoes and/or beans, black pudding, fried slice, two slices of bread and butter and a mug of tea or coffee and costs £8.
Then there is the all-day Full Breakfast which comes with two slices of bacon, two sausages, an egg, tomatoes and/or beans, black pudding, fried slice, two slices of bread and butter and a tea or coffee and is £7.
Extras are also available, such as bubble and squeak or mushrooms for £1, cheese, hash browns, black pudding or a side salad for 80p, an egg at 50p while bread and butter is 30p a slice, and toast is 45p a slice.

Main meals
There is a range of main meals on offer and all come with two slices of bread and butter and include a mug of tea or coffee in the price.
Homemade steak pie with chips or mash, peas, gravy and £7.80 as is ham or corned beef with eggs, chips and peas or beans. Two sausages with two eggs, chips or mash, peas or beans with bread and butter is £7.20 while half a chicken with chips or mash, vegetables or baked beans is £8.
Six fishfingers or eight chicken nuggets with chips or mash and peas or beans is £6.80 while two eggs with chips, peas or beans is priced at £6.
Salads with a choice of corned beef, tuna, cheese or ham are £8 and come with new potatoes, mash or chips while a ham and cheese with salad and new potatoes or chips or mash is £8.80 as is a chicken salad.

Burgers and lighter bites
A quarter pound beefburger is on the menu at £3.50, and to have it with either cheese or an egg is £3.60. A half pounder is £5.30 or 20 p if you want it with cheese. All these come with salad and onions and to have them with a side of chips is an extra £2.60. A simple chip butty will set you back £3.10
Cheese toasties are £3.10, while the same with onion or tomatoes is £3.20. The popular beans on toast is priced at £3.60, while scrambled or poached eggs on toast is £3.80 and fried eggs on toast is priced at £3.30.
An omelette meal with chips, side salad or beans, two slices of bread and butter and with a drink is £7 for a plain omelette but you can add one filling (£7.70), two fillings (£7.80), three fillings (£7.90) and four fillings is £8.20. The choice of fillings are mushroom, cheese, ham, tomatoes or onions. These can be just a simple omelettes for £3.60-£4.

There is a good mix of hot and cold sandwiches or baps. In the hot rage there are bacon, sausage or black pudding all £2.90 each, egg at £2.50, bacon or sausage with an egg is £3.20, bacon & sausage together is £3.20, bacon, sausage and egg together is £4.20 and a BLT is priced at £3.60.
As baps these are bacon or sausage for £3.60, egg £3, bacon or sausage with an egg £3.60, bacon & sausage £3.60, bacon, sausage and egg £4.30, BLT £3.90 and black pudding is £3.
Cold sandwiches are available with one filling at £2.70, while with two fillings it’s £3.20 and these can be as baps for 25p more. Choices of fillings are ham, corned beef, cheese, tomatoes, tuna mayo, onions, tomatoes or egg mayo.
There are a couple of basic kids’ meals such as three fishfingers, four chicken nuggets or a single sausage with chips or beans and a squash for £5.
There are day to day specials available which are advertised on a message board.

Puddings and drinks
There is not the most extensive of puddings menu, but the usual favourites are there. Apple and blackberry crumble, spotted dick or treacle pudding are all priced at £3.85 and they come with ice cream or custard. Rice pudding with jam is £3.
Tea or coffee is £1 a mug, while take out teas or coffees are £1.20. Milk is £1.50, as is a Cup-a-soup or a milky coffee. Bottles of water or cans of pop are £1 and a carton of squash is 40p. There is also a range of cakes to take away.

There is a range of basic toiletries on sale should you run out or forget to pack your washbag. Outside here are showers and toilets in portable buildings. Showers are £2 although they are included in the overnight parking fee.
It costs £15 to park or £21 with a £6 meal voucher and these is room for about 40 trucks to park. The site takes self-service for Snap parking
The café is open from 0600-2200 on Mondays to Thursday and from 0600-2000 on Fridays. Its food hygiene rating is 4.
The site offers free Wi-Fi and there is room for about 40 diners, plus there is some outside tables for eating at if the weather is favourable.

Welford Truckstop
Northampton Rd, Northampton, NN6 6JF


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