Here at Truckstop News, we aim to promote high standards in the quality of facilities provided for the nation’s hard working truck drivers. A good place to park for the night after a long day on the road is of paramount importance to drivers and their employers.



Truckstop News is inviting readers to vote for their favourite truckstops in the UK, and the great news is, as always, voting is free and simple.

At Truckstop Newswe visit loads of truckstops each year to see how good they are for the nation’s hard working truck drivers. We aim to promote high standards in the quality of facilities provided for truckers.

A driver should be able to get good quality, affordable food, served with a smile at the end of a hard day behind the wheel. The staff should be helpful and friendly when they take orders, deliver the meals and promptly clear plates away.

A truckstop also needs excellent toilet and shower facilities, where drivers can have a good wash in a pleasant and clean environment.

A good truckstop should provide a safe place to park for the night after a long day driving so drivers can sleep easily knowing their trucks and loads are not being tampered with.

Other things will help drivers in their job – a good shop selling items they need for their life on the road, be it a simple snack, to toiletries, loo rolls, magazines and accessories for their trucks.

And with this in mind Truckstop Newsis proud to be the only transport journal that runs a Truckstop of the Year competition.

We hope TSoY will drive up standards, create a sense of worthiness amongst the great establishments that do support, and indeed look after, the thousands of trucks drivers working long hours day-in, day-out to keep the wheels of industry rolling and the shelves stocked.

These drivers are often away from home for long periods, bereft of the creature comforts they get at home, so stopping at a good truckstop helps them get through their weeks on the road.

For the 2019 award, there will be three Truckstop of the Year awards – for the Truckstops in three distinct sizes – large, medium or small.

For clarity, a small truckstop will be those with parking for up to 25 lorries, medium is for 25-100 trucks and large is for those establishments that can accommodate over 100 trucks parking of an evening.

We welcome nominations from truckstop proprietors or members of staff, and particularly from drivers who may wish to recommend an establishment based on their experience of it

You can enter as a truckstop proprietor, member of staff, or drivers can enter to recommend the establishment based on their own experiences.

To enter theTruckstop NewsTruckstop of the Year competition, you must get your entry to us by Friday September 27 at 1800.

Below are the different categories that you can enter.

Once the entry deadline passes, TSN will draw up a shortlist and the judging will start and the winners announced in the autumn.

All you have to do is fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can fill in the details in the competition entry form on page 2 of current issues of TSN and send to: Truckstop News, TSOTY Comp, Talk Media Sales, No 4 Court Lodge Centre, Plaxdale Green Road, Stansted, Kent, TN15 7PG


Truckstop News Truck Stop of the year 2019 award

Favourite Large truckstop (more than 100 trucks)

Favourite Medium truckstop medium (26-100 trucks)

Favourite Small truckstop (fewer than 25 trucks)

Best food: Best breakfasts, lunches, dinners, take-away options, best brew etc.

Best facilities: Showers, toilets, washrooms gyms, shops, fuel, etc.

Best truckstop for an overnight stay: ease of parking, peace and quiet, etc.

Best staff: friendliest staff, clean tables, helpful staff

Best security: Quality of security and parking area etc.

Closing date for your entries is September 27 2019

click this link to download a pdf entry form


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Closing date for votes is September 27 2019



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